Optimising the performance of complex property portfolios.

For most organisations, property is the highest expenditure item behind staff costs and for those who own their own property typically their largest asset holding.

This means that even small percentage improvements have significant short-term bottom line benefits that multiply over the long-term.

Despite this, many organisations who occupy significant property portfolios have no clear strategy to manage costs or drive ongoing improvements.

Enter Grosvenor...

Property from a management perspective.

Is your organisation facing the following property based challenges?

  • Need to reduce your property costs but unclear how
  • Lack of visibility on property portfolio performance and are unsure what to measure
  • Being forced into decisions due to lack of clarity on future commitments
  • Determining property requirements under a changing, more flexible and mobile workforce
  • Stuck in long term leases that will soon or no longer fit the business model
  • Lack a clear long term property strategy
  • Concerned about the independence of your real estate advisor
  • Struggle with what to outsource and the quality of those services
  • Have pending or ongoing complex property projects to administer

We help corporations and their property teams:

  • Review their spend and develop a plan to reduce costs
  • Analyse and measure the performance of their current property leases and assets
  • Assess property management practices to target improvements
  • Develop accommodation strategies and business cases
  • Create portfolio and site specific strategies
  • Develop property plans and strategies that align to business goals
  • Determine their optimal outsourcing strategy
  • Develop business cases for accommodation plans
  • Determine where and what to outsource to who
  • Manage specific projects or components of their property portfolio and function on their behalf

We do this by

  • Analyising your current property function, portfolio and services management against best practice and your strategic goals
  • Strategic advice and oversight for real estate transactions, projects and service contracts
  • Improvements to process, systems and structures to optimise facilities and manage day to day operations
Pyramid graph

Necessary evil or strategic asset?

A guide to building high performance property portfolios

Like maximising the performance of your staff, maximising the performance of your property portfolio is far more complicated than simple cost management.

For example, well managed property can also add value to your business through increased productivity, reduced staff turnover and absenteeism and by reduced risks and insurance costs.

Additionally, by managing property more strategically you can enhance your brand to both customers and to potential new staff.

Conversely, poorly managed property can actually detract from your brand and most importantly impede actual business performance.

This then begs the question, if property is such a large part of the business cost base and there are all these potential benefits and pitfalls, then why doesn’t it get the same level of management attention as HR or IT?

Find out why and how to implement positive change through proven property portfolio management strategies.