Conceptually there are 3 components to any property strategy and often pain in one area is symptomatic of a problem somewhere else that you may or may not be aware of.

In light of this as part of any prospective engagement we offer a Situation Analysis. This is a no charge consultation that analyses your current situation benchmarked against best practice and a roadmap of the options and activities to undertake.

Property Strategy


Structure | Team | Reporting

"Best practice property function and team"
  • Property function and team diagnostic
  • Organisational structure and design
  • Centralise or decentralise
  • Contracting and outsourcing
  • Benchmarking and better practice
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Mix | Fit for Purpose | Cost | Aligned to Brand | Futureproof | Performance

"Ensuring your portfolio is aligned with organisational goals and strategies"
  • Portfolio reviews and assessments
  • Accommodation planning and strategies
  • Asset planning and strategies
  • Business case development
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
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Risk | Internal vs External | Cost | Quality | Monitoring

"The right suppliers, contracts and management structures"
  • Contract/service reviews and audits
  • Procurement and buying strategies
  • Service delivery design
  • Performance management
  • Special projects
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Where to Start?

Following initial discussions, the Situation Analysis is how we start most engagements.

The Situation Analysis workshop, that typically runs for 2-3 hours, commences with an educational session about our view of the world from a property strategy perspective. We’ll also discuss in broad terms projects we’ve undertaken with organisations similar to yours.

We will then dig into the following, your:

  • broad business goals and objectives
  • property function and its place in the organisational structure
  • functions activity and its effectiveness
  • internal property performance reporting
  • current property portfolios performance and its make up
  • short and long term accommodation requirements
  • current property services delivery model

On completion, we will provide you with a high-level 3-4-page Situation Analysis (we all love brevity) that aligns the strategic direction with your property strategy and outlines the short and long-term steps you need to take to ensure your property strategy is best practice and the right fit for your organisation now and into the future.

The only provisos for this workshop (which is no charge) are:

  • all attendees read the ‘Guide to building high performance corporate property portfolios’
  • the firm’s decision makers are present
  • our travel costs are covered if applicable

If you’d like more information or would like to undertake a Situation Analysis complete the form and we’ll be in contact shortly.